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急速赛车单双大小规律:6 unicorn funds expected to attract retail investors to chase new stocks

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内容摘要: The unicorn became the key word for this year's A-shares. Currently, a few A-share companies with huge market capitalization test the A-sha...

The unicorn became the key word for this year's A-shares. Currently, a few A-share companies with huge market capitalization test the A-shares, and they have performed very well after the listing. In view of this, easy Fonda, China, Castrol, south, investment and Huitianfu six fund , days of the deployment of "3-year closure operation of the strategic placement of flexible configuration hybrid Securities Investment Fund", the investment size limit each RMB 50 billion (RMB. Same below). Although this type of fund does not mention the new economy, publicity posters are invariably printed on the Unicorn pattern. The investment strategy is self-evident. The first reported six unicorn funds are also sold in the Fund of Heaven! Click here to Buy Now\u003e

Six unicorn funds from the time of application, approval, and sale are less than half a month. They virtually wear the crown of "National Policy Vents" plus a very low fee. , coming into the net potential red fund. But investment funds are numerous restrictions, investors chose to catch a plane at least six months before you can get off the "unicorn bus," what in the end need to pay attention?

owned strategic allotment option, will Unicorn upstart success

A-share earning power is weak, the company is a recognized fact that the quality of mixed, so when the Chinese government welcomes the huge market capitalization Branch rate to CDR or direct return of A shares listed on the way, that won investors given a warm welcome. WuXi PharmaTech (Shanghai: 603259) As the first unicorn to return to the A-share stocks, it was listed on May 8th and reached its daily limit of 16 times on the 29th, and the market value turned about 5 times. As for the industrial market before USI (Shanghai: 601138) and Ningde era (depth: 300 750) are open daily limit no doubt that the tide.

However, behind the strong upward trend, millions of investors are rushing to snap up. For example, Wuxi Pharmaceutical's online success rate is only 0.061%, representing 61 people per 100,000 talents. Like in the first prize. At this time, Unicorn Fund will invest in new shares or CDRs in a strategic allotment manner. Each fund has at least 3% of its strategic allotment rights, which means a 100% success rate.

However, some outsiders pointed out that the fund's strategic placing rights also represented fewer new stocks that can be drawn by retail investors. The return of unicorns to expectations has brought A-shares the ability to earn money, allowing investors to share the joy of being a high-quality corporate shareholder, but The emergence of the Unicorn Fund has inevitably affected the liquidity of the shares or CDRs, and it has harmed the interests of retail investors in disguise.

be resold after six months, but after three years can be redeemed

For investors, the fund unicorn threshold is very low, in which five Unicorn fund minimum investment of 1 yuan (RMB below), And the fee is very low, the management fee is only 0.01%, and the custodian fee is 0.03%. This is a very affordable option, but some matters need attention.

The six Unicorn funds are all participating in the strategic allocation of unicorns. The style is conservative, so the difference is not significant, but the specific investment strategy is slightly different. E Fund, Huaxia, Castrol, and Southern Unicorn Fund both adopted strategic tactics and fixed-income strategies. China Merchants Fund added asset allocation strategies based on this, and Huitianfu also adopted strategic tactical placement and bond investment strategies.

Unilateral Funds will be converted into listed open-end funds after the closure of the three-year period (LOF). At this time, fund performance will go individually. In terms of investment objectives, some will pursue “steady value-added”, and some will pursue outperforming performance benchmarks. and purchase rates, stock allocation, investment scope, management fee and trustee fee will also vary.

In addition, if investors are not satisfied with the performance of the fund in a closed period, selectable in six months after the transfer of fund interests in the secondary market, but since the fund launched three years shall not redeemed, the fund trading prices are expected to produce due to lack of liquidity discount .


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